More than just a market.


Cuba is more than just a market.  With limited entrance of American competitors, Cuba is a blue ocean; a place where first movers will establish a lasting advantage.  FTA International has spent the past few years securing strategic embassy, port, and distributor relationships that will help its clients thrive.



Limited product availability

Leverage consumer interest in new ideas

With limited exposure to American products, Cubans are excited to see more selection and quality on supermarket shelves.


Highly educated workforce

Expect income growth

Cuba is known for providing its citizens with a world class education.  As access to the global market grows, Cubans whose job opportunities have been limited will be able compete internationally for top paying jobs.


Manufacturing growth

Increased disposable income

New investment will bring a surge in manufacturing jobs and consumers' disposable income.  Many American companies are looking to take advantage of Cuba's well trained workforce by establishing new manufacturing operations in the country.

Strict government control

Be prepared to navigate regulations

Cuba's government is notoriously entrenched, playing an active role in its citizen's everyday lives.  Successful market entrance will require intimate knowledge of the country's trade policies and the officials charged with their enforcement.